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Regulations concerning marketing(Cautions regarding sales and advertising)

A feverish boom in alkaline ionized water apparatus started around 1992, and at that time, there was a period during which some advertisements promoted effects beyond those that were approved or made exaggerated claims. The Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and the Code on Appropriate Advertising Practices for Medical Products define regulations for advertising, etc. regarding medical products. The Association of Alkaline Ionized Water Apparatus, in order to promote the healthy growth of the industry and ensure the trust of consumers, continues to promotes improvement through providing guidance to all companies regarding appropriate advertising, conducting monitoring of actual advertisements, improves inappropriate advertisements, etc.

The following is a list of cautions regarding advertising, based on the Ministry of Health and Welfare Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureau Monitoring and Guidance Department Manager "Regarding advertising, etc. for medical substance generators" (Pharmaceutical Monitoring No. 57, October 19, 1992).

(1)Advertising claims for other than approved items are prohibited.

Purposes of use and beneficial effects approved and certified based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law shall be accurately stated in catalogs and instruction manuals, and care must be taken to not use expressions which will raise exaggerated expectations by consumers.
Promotion of beneficial effects which deviate from the approved and certified beneficial effects is not permitted.

(2)Cautions regarding naming

The use of names other than the sales names or common names which were approved based on approval and certification or the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, names which suggest beneficial effects, maximum-class expressions, or similar names is not permitted.

(3)Other cautions

It is necessary to be careful of the following points for advertising and promotion, based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and the Code on Appropriate Advertising Practices for Medical Products:

(4)Examples of prohibited expressions

The Association of Alkaline Ionized Water Apparatus, based on the contents of Pharmaceutical Monitoring No. 57, has prepared the following list of examples of expressions prohibited in sales and advertising, and keeps member companies fully informed.

<Examples of prohibited expressions>

  Type of prohibited expression Prohibited expression example
Naming Names other than the sales names or common names which were approved, names which suggest beneficial effects, maximum-class expressions
  • Wonder water
  • Best water
  • Magical water
  • Unique water
Alkaline ionized water Expressions representing usages for treatment of other than approved symptoms
(including suggestive expressions)
  • Makes lifestyle-related diseases less likely.
  • Cures forgetfulness.
  • Cures atopic dermatitis.
  • Helps recovery from drunkenness or hangovers.
Expressions representing improvements in physical condition
(including suggestive expressions)
  • Improves physical condition.
  • Absorbed calcium ions neutralize acidic substances in the body and work to maintain a slightly alkaline body condition.
  • Cures hypertension.
  • For fatigued bodies
  • Effective against cancer
  • For stiff shoulders or heartburn
  • Since it is easily absorbed by the body (cells), it acts to aid metabolism and the discharge of waste materials from the body.
Applications for other than originally approved beneficial effects (including suggestive expressions)
  • ~ includes much calcium ions which are deficient in modern people…
  • ~ maintains balance in eating lifestyles with many acidic foods.
Expressions stating it as a supplementary source of nutritional calcium (including suggestive expressions)
  • Calcium insufficiency is a cause of many diseases.
  • Calcium ion water
  • Calcium makes you healthy.
  • Full of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, etc.
Acidic water Expressions stating effects on the human body
(sterilization, etc.)
(including suggestive expressions)
  • ures athlete's foot.
  • Antiseptic after shaving
  • For heat rash
  • For baby diaper rash
  • Prevents colds, tonsillitis, and other infections.
Expressions exceeding range of use as cosmetic water for beauty applications
(including suggestive expressions)
  • Makes gray hair black.
  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Speeds recovery from rough hands.
  • Put it in the bath for a spa feeling.
  • Relieves pain from burns or skin inflammation due to sunburn, and speeds recovery.
  • Sterilizing cleaner for cutting boards, washcloths, hand towels, dishes, etc.
Other Expressions which may be misunderstood as government ministry endorsement
  • ~ approved as medical equipment by the Ministry of Health and Welfare…
  • Also approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Expressions guaranteeing beneficial effects
(including suggestive expressions)
  • Effects have been proven in hospitals.
    (User experience statements, testimonials from medical personnel, etc.)
Expressions guaranteeing safety
(including suggestive expressions)
  • No harmful effects even if when excessive amounts are drunk.
  • Safe and worry-free for health
  • No harm even when used for long periods of time.
Maximum-class expressions or expressions approaching maximum class
(including suggestive expressions)
  • Water with superior medical effects
  • Water with high beauty effects
  • Makes housewives' dreams come true.
  • Completely full of energy
Negative expressions or expressions which cause uncertainty regarding tap water
  • Tap water is dangerous these days.
Slanderous expressions regarding products of other companies
(including suggestive expressions)

(Classification of "Examples of prohibited expressions" based on the Code on Appropriate Advertising Practices for Medical Products)

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